Driven by design

ODY is split into three branches, each specializing in one aspect of Dual Universe. Whether you are a hardcore combat pilot or an enthusiastic creator, you will find your place at Objective Driveyards.

Objective Dynamics

Objective Dynamics is a branch dedicated to pushing the ingenuity of the engineer, the dedication of the scientist, and the curiosity of the explorer to their maximum potential. Ever in the undaunting pursuit of producing the most advanced and dependable space faring vessels in history.

Objective Industry

Hosting a coordinated team of miners, logisticians, technicians, and engineers, Objective Industry is tasked with extracting resources, transporting cargo, building facilities, and engineering a robust production line. This branch provides industrial strength to expand ODY influence and to build up a fleet of high quality ships.

Objective Navy

Protecting our assets and handling deliveries, this well organized team of pilots, officers, crew, security, combat engineers and intelligence agents serves as both the logistical heart and the flaming fist of Objective Driveyards, putting our ships of exceptional design to good use.

Acknowledged and awarded design

Objective Driveyards has been featured multiple times on the official Dual Universe channels. We have also won numerous design competitions organized by NQ, such as the Outpost Competition held in 2018. We have been a notable part of the DU community from the very beginning and are well known among our peers for the outstanding quality and passion of our craft.

Learn more and join Objective Driveyards

Follow the links below to learn more of us and to join our group of bold innovators on a quest to define perfection.

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